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You will find Chinese, Thai and Indian influences within the Vietnamese cuisine, Buddhism is the main reason for a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. The French colonial era brought Western influences to it, that is why you will also find baguette, croissants and coffee on our menu.

Our food, our philosophy

We at JaViet offer you authentic Vietnamese and Japanese food in the centre of Kiel right across the Sparkasssen-Arena and the Exerzierplatz.

Why do we serve Japanese and Vietnamese food?

Because it is healthy and natural. Mother nature seasons the dishes and brings to them their unique flavour...and that perfectly suits our philosophy.

Delicious and healthy

The Vietnamese cuisine is different from other Asian cuisines because of the use of fresh herbs and raw vegetables. The dishes are low on fat similar to the Japanese food.

Feel well

Enjoy our Vietnamese and Japanese Food with your family, friends or colleagues in the centre of Kiel.

Relax and feel comfortable within our atmospheric interior while our friendly service will do everything to make you enjoy your visit at JaViet.